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Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity.

August 26th Group Session


  1. General introductions and welcome
  2. Updates. Follow up.
  3. New connections and collaborations. Success stories.
  4. Featured topic and brief discussion.
  5. General discussion from attendees.
  6. Helping Each Other
  7. Future Topic Suggestions


13:25:52 From fiberarts : David is mentioning Looks amazing.

13:37:33 From David :

13:37:35 From Peter Berson Digital Marketing : I help businesses and marketing professionals with Digital Marketing Services and strategy
Aveli By WSI – A Digital Marketing Agency part of WSI World
Peter Berson
Principal / Marketing Consultant
Certified WSI Digital Marketing Consultant:

o: 978-496-9176
M: 617-504-1109

13:40:51 From Florian Hermisch : Our Social-Distancing side project:

13:53:52 From David :

13:54:25 From Stephen Opie :

14:04:07 From Kevin : Interns – Reach out to Tom Maloney who has been using interns for several years – also Chris Requena

14:32:15 From David : Thanks a lot Everyone! I appreciate everyone input and those who have reached out. David Wieselmann
14:35:11 From David :


Armand Adande 
Audrey Steinberg
Carl Persson
Chuck Goldstone
Damien Bonnefoux
David Sheridan
Florian Hermisch
Jerrold Shapiro
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Lisa Schermerhorn
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Owen Sakawa
Peter Berson
Peter Berson Digital Marketing
Robert Steward
Roger Frechette
Sarah Miller
Shahar Zeevi
Stephen Opie
Terry Xu
Zackary DiCelico