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December 16th Group Session


13:03:22 From Jonathan Sachs : All my insanity, in one handy location:

13:05:25 From Lisa Hoffman : Lisa Hoffman

13:05:52 From Jim Williamson : Jim Williamson /

13:06:02 From Lisa Schermerhorn :

13:06:09 From Laura Pinsky : Laura Pinsky

13:08:51 From Devvan – GyvLink : Hey All, I’m Devvan, . We help nonprofits solicit and be matched to item donations. Busy making kids lunch, today

13:15:06 From Peter Berson -Aveli By WSI : Hey All, Peter Berson I help businesses and marketing professionals with Digital Marketing Services and Marketing strategy
Owner / Marketing Consultant
Certified WSI Digital Marketing Consultant:

13:16:05 From Anna M : Anna Mandell Business Residuals 617-997-6534 Let’s chat, find a time that works for you 🙂

3:16:06 From Marc Kitz – Sales Coach : Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 860-836-8979 Checkout my Sales Coaching blog – Sign up as a subscriber –

13:17:19 From Devvan – GyvLink : We did land the United Way this week. The first of hopefully many of their chapters

13:39:24 From Peter Berson -Aveli By WSI : AMA Boston Holiday Party:

13:39:59 From Yuliya Pokhylko : Venture Café calendar

13:40:17 From Jerrold Shapiro : My contact info: Jerry Shapiro, Women’s health co.

13:43:56 From Yuliya Pokhylko : Venture Café’s Office Hours
13:45:05 From Sandi LoGo Goods : Sandi with LoGo Goods Graphic design, Logo’d Items and Custom Tees Level Up Your Logo with The Business Card that Doesn’t Get Thrown Away | 912-421-9108 Grab some time with me. Let’s help each other grow: 

13:49:01 From Peter Berson -Aveli By WSI : Write better emails – code GQQSXK

13:54:47 From Chuck Goldstone : Here is the link to my talk for CANOPY at 8:00 on Friday

14:00:40 From Devvan – GyvLink : Kale poptarts is where I draw the line – even as a joke.


Anna M
Cara Giannandrea
Chuck Goldstone
David Fortunato
David Shiang
Devvan – GyvLink
Frank Pobutkiewicz
Jerrold Shapiro
Jim Williamson
Jonathan Sachs
Laura Pinsky
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Schermerhorn
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Michael Hanson
Peter Berson -Aveli By WSI
Robert (Bob) Lerman
Sandi LoGo Goods
Tim Ferencik
Yuliya Pokhylko