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zoom meeting

December 2nd Group Session


13:09:12 From Lisa Schermerhorn : If you are new, please connect with me on Linkedin

13:09:26 From Lisa Schermerhorn :

13:10:37 From Jonathan Sachs : Here is more than you ever wanted to know about me:

13:10:39 From John Gale : John Gale – London Hi I provide Advisory Services to Hitech Startups.

13:10:57 From Danielle Bartone – West Roxbury : Thanks, everyone!

13:11:51 From David Wieselmann Where to Wheel :

13:13:16 From Kham Inthirath : Happy to help please connect with me.

13:13:59 From Laura Pinsky : Hi everyone. Marketing strategy/market research consultant here. Please connect to me if you haven’t already!

13:25:01 From Anna M : Feel free to hop right into action and creating value for one another. Feel free to use my link to find a time that works for us

13:29:33 From Janese Adair : Here’s a link to my website/app:

13:31:11 From Devvan – GyvLink : Looks like Stuart doesn’t really use LinkedIn, though. email:

13:35:03 From Boris Perlovsky :

13:40:27 From Boris Perlovsky :

13:50:54 From Audrey Steinberg : Happy to connect. or linked in

14:01:10 From Stephen Karasek : need to hop off myself, been working overtime with my web app developer to get the website and webapp up and running. If anyone wants to reach out:

14:04:17 From Robert (Bob) Lerman : phytrosmart.,com

14:04:22 From Robert (Bob) Lerman : smartZYME

14:06:54 From Robert (Bob) Lerman :

14:07:05 From Robert (Bob) Lerman :

14:08:53 From Devvan – GyvLink : If you know of any communiteis that are doing holiday giving, and can’t meet up as usual, they may be able to use GyvLink, instead:

14:09:17 From Robert (Bob) Lerman : SmartZYME is a pet food supplement that is fed to your poet once/day. it has certain properties due toi its internal chemistry and biology that provides better health benefits to the pet.

14:21:26 From Kham Inthirath :


Anna M
Audrey Steinberg
Boris Perlovsky
Chuck Goldstone
Danielle Bartone – West Roxbury
David Wieselmann Where to Wheel (David)
Devvan – GyvLink (1 Million Cups Albany)
Janese Adair
John Gale
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Wiant
Kham Inthirath
Laura Pinsky
Lisa Schermerhorn
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Robert (Bob) Lerman
Shahar Zeevi
Sofia Leyva-Castro
Stephen Karasek