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  • The Post COVID-19 Consumer

  • Stephen Opie

    August 22, 2020 at 5:36 am

    The post-COVID-19 consumer. That’s certainly on my mind these days and I imagine on yours.

    For quite a while, the entire 1st world has been sitting at home looking at their laptops wondering….WTF is going on? Do I have a job? A career? Is my start-up toast? Is my company going to survive? Suddenly, every day is casual Friday, you’re actually are getting to know your kids in a more profound way, your spouse is noting your habits a LOT more, and wow, I never really had an interest in supply-chain management, but when pork ran out I took notice!

    My point is that across the globe, there has been a unification of a new consumer – one that has had to survive a life-changing scenario in which there was no previous rule book. We, collectively can not look back to see what previously was done to solve a similar problem. We are solving it. Thus, we are all in this together, learning, developing, trusting.

    Companies that speak to this will win – Hey, you survived COVID-19 and so did we. Empathy will rule.

    Any thoughts on how to connect to this consumer in a meaningful way? Any work that’s been done here? Future plans? A shift in your business?

    As someone noted – We are all building this plane while we are flying it!

  • Jonathan Sachs

    August 22, 2020 at 10:15 am

    Seems like, just as political positions are divided, people’s socioeconomic lives are very different. Some people with come out of COVID looking much the way they went in; others will have their lives changed forever. Probably some audience segmenting is required.

  • Kevin Martin

    August 26, 2020 at 8:36 am

    Post-Covid-19? Are we there yet? 🙂

    Stephen, you bring up something interesting – the consumer. How will the consumer be different in post Covid times? How will our messaging to them be different? How will the message channels be different?

    Since we are all consumers of one thing or another, the answer may be in imagining what life will be like 6-12 months from now. Will you be back to normal – going to work, going to school, going to stores, going to restaurants, attending events? Or will we have gotten used to the hermitage lifestyle of doing as much as we can at home? Will our spending be more of comforts at home or will it go back to what it was pre-Covid?

    I personally think priorities might shift to more overall safety concerns On the consumer side maybe it will be products that represent that – safety in health, personal safety, job and career safety, and so forth. if our messaging can provide an underlying message of safety, that may be the way to go.

    I think the world has a bit more of Covid times before we hit Post Covid-19 and there could be more events that may shape the paradigm. I don’t think anyone knows for sure.

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