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January 6th Group Session


Audrey (
Bob Lerman
Chuck Goldstone
Connie Perney
David Wieselmann Where To Wheel (David)
Devvan – GyvLink
Dr.Tara Saltzman
Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design
Gil Perlberg
Jeff Englander
Jerrold Shapiro
Jill Hunter ~ UpLevel To Lead
Jim Williamson
Jonathan Sachs
karen given
Laura Pinsky
Lisa Hoffman
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Melania Stepanenko
Meryl Price
Michael Hanson
Myles McDonough
Nick Guay-Ross
Tom Maloney


13:05:11 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone :

13:06:44 From Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design to Everyone : Hi all! I’m Ellen E. Thompson and I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and brand strategist. I bring fun and ease to your brand’s visual strategy! You can find me at and my art can be found at Happy to connect on Linkedin at

13:10:52 From Mo to Everyone :

13:13:18 From Marc Kitz – Sales Coach to Everyone : The Dali painting must have been the inspiration for The Far Side’s Boneless Chicken Farm comic illustration.

13:14:34 From Dr.Tara Saltzman to Everyone : Dr. Tara Saltzman

13:15:13 From Marc Kitz – Sales Coach to Everyone : Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 860-836-8979 Checkout my Sales Coaching blog – Sign up as a subscriber –

13:15:16 From Gil Perlberg to Everyone : Gil Perlberg Perl IP Consulting Tel (972) 54 5688 072 Visit us at

13:16:18 From Laura Pinsky to Everyone : If anyone hasn’t yet connected with me but would like to, please do! or LinkedIn

13:24:54 From Connie Perney to Everyone : Connie Perney
Independent Wine Consultant

Need options for your Dry January! Replace your sugar-laden wine with Clean-Crafted wines, mixables, and spritzers. No added sugar, non-GMO, and sustainably, responsibly sourced. Prefer NA? We just launched a non-alcoholic spritzer for the New Year! Check it out at

13:30:57 From David Wieselmann Where To Wheel to Everyone :

13:31:07 From Myles McDonough to Everyone : Myles McDonough

13:31:09 From Mo to Everyone :

13:31:16 From Mo to Everyone : 617.970.1467

13:31:17 From Myles McDonough to Everyone :

13:33:18 From karen given to Everyone : Hi Ya’ll. I’m at — just launched on Monday. I’m also producing a newsletter for audio storytellers and podcast makers, which you can subscribe to at my site. First edition went out yesterday. It’s a busy week!

13:34:09 From Mo to Everyone :

13:34:28 From Mo to Everyone : Mo Saeed, CEO
14:26:20 From Myles McDonough to Everyone : Thanks everyone! And here’s the link to the Friends of Boston’s Homeless website: