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July 1, 2020 Group Session

What We Talked About:

Brief intro to roundtable website by Jon

In depth discussion of Stephen Opie’s Cane Wrap concept, including outreach ideas, non profits to contact, AARP, veterans groups, and the general need to sell the CONCEPT.

(Since Cane Wrap website is not up at this time, we used a photo of a nice woman with a cane from Wikipedia.)

If you have ideas, please contact Stephen Opie at

(in order they joined in}

Chuck Goldstone
Devvan Stokes
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Michael Hanson
Carl Persson
Tom Huff
Jonathan Sachs
Seth Tenenbaum
Tyler Younker
Emily Zaccardi
Jill Hunter
Owen Sakawa
William Munnerlyn
Jerrold Shapiro
Terry Xu (txu)
Robin Buck
Boris Libman
Seth Tenenbaum