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Zoom session

November 18th Group Session


13:07:58 From Nicola Deary : Hello everyone. Happy to connect with you all.

13:08:37 From Jonathan Sachs :

13:14:44 From Jonathan Sachs : Another new thing: have a launched a podcast with Al Kooper:

13:15:23 From Nicola Deary : Are there any experienced grant writers in the group?

13:15:38 From Nicola Deary : A local non profit in Metrowest is looking for one.

13:16:38 From Tom Daily :

13:23:45 From Jerrold Shapiro : The grant writer I’ve known for 20 years and worked with at a nonprofit is: “Celebrating 25 Years in Business!” Natalie S. Rudolph, Ph.D. Rudolph Biomedical Consulting T: 508-869-2235 E:

13:24:20 From Jerrold Shapiro : Natalie writes non-medical grants too, SBIR, STTR, etc.

13:24:48 From Fernando Moran : | |

13:26:17 From Marina Borisova :

13:27:18 From Anna M :

13:34:53 From David : If anyone is interested in seeing a listing. Slow loading but please take a look.

13:34:58 From David :

13:55:35 From Janice Dru-Bennett :

13:58:30 From Anna M :

13:58:34 From Anna M :

14:25:57 From Jerrold Shapiro : I have to hop too. Thanks everyone. You can always reach me via email at Also see


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