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meeting 11-2020

November 4th Group Session


13:06:35 From Nicola Deary : Nikki Deary, New York Life, we help business owners like you with succession planning. 508 612 5354

13:07:37 From Kevin Martin : If we are not linked yet, please link with me –

13:07:48 From Seth Tenenbaum : Seth Tenenbaum Stockbossup App in apple and android store and,

13:09:18 From Lisa Schermerhorn : Love to connect
13:09:27 From Lisa Schermerhorn :

13:09:43 From Marina Borisova : Marina Borisova, Baystate Advisors Group LLC, I provide fractional CFO/ Controller services. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

13:13:33 From Jonathan Sachs : All the wacky projects that I am involved with:

13:14:29 From Audrey Steinberg : Happy to connect. or on linked in

13:15:37 From Laura Pinsky : Would love to connect with anyone for a chat to hear more about each other’s work.

13:16:41 From Laura Vantine :

13:16:45 From Laura Vantine :

13:19:10 From Thea Perez :

13:22:21 From Anna M : Would love to connect with anyone and see how we’d be able to collaborate together. Feel from to schedule a 1:1

13:23:54 From David Shiang : Publishing conference this weekend, Free, all virtual. Friday afternoon and Saturday. Go to, Email me for more info –, Strategic Marketing and Communications; author, publisher, copywriter; capital raising advisor

13:25:03 From Jerrold Shapiro : Jerry Shapiro, based in Acton, MA

13:27:22 From David :

13:28:55 From Stephen Karasek : Stephen Karasek (based in Quincy, MA) If you need help designing a physical product, we provide a platform for non-experts to optimize their product for performance, cost and manufacturing.

13:29:11 From Howie Hecht : Hi all – happy to connect with anyone to discuss general business or product issues, startup investment, or unbeatable digital advertising campaigns via my team’s AdsSciences service – email me at to set up a time to chat.

13:33:18 From David Shiang : Carol Gino will be keynoting on Saturday at the Independent Publishers Of New England Annual Conference. She was the partner of Mario Puzo (The Godfather). She will be talking about love, power and writing. Her website: Conference: No charge.

13:42:52 From Nick Guay-Ross : Have to jump on a call… Thanks for the great discussion! See you next week.

13:44:28 From Kevin Martin : Great conversation
13:44:49 From David : Definitely

13:59:29 From Kevin Martin :

13:59:57 From Michael Hanson : Thank you Chuck. Nice to see everyone here. I need to drop off at 2pm.

14:00:38 From Lisa Schermerhorn :

14:06:57 From Laura Vantine : Thank you again everyone for another informative and energizing conversation.

14:13:31 From Ramon Morales : Thanks for the meeting everyone. I am looking forward to taking the personality test. Thanks for the info.

14:18:51 From Lisa Schermerhorn : Mindset is EVERYTHING

14:19:42 From Anna M : Your Wish is Your Command – Kevin Trudeau Audio 1

14:20:17 From Lisa Schermerhorn : Watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

14:21:40 From Devvan – : +1 Shtisel
14:24:59 From Devvan – : Later, all…

14:25:39 From Stephen Karasek : For anyone stressed out about politics, cheer up! It all has to end someday anyways:

14:26:16 From Jerrold Shapiro : Sorry, have to jump off for 2:30 PM mentoring call. Thanks everyone for your help.

14:26:18 From Stephen Karasek : (that channel is also a good coping mechanism, you can learn a lot about different aspects of science and our world)


Anna M
Audrey Steinberg
Chuck Goldstone
David Shiang
Devvan –
Howie Hecht
Jerrold Shapiro
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Laura Pinsky
Laura Vantine
Lisa Schermerhorn
Mai Le
Marina Borisova
Melinda J Watman
Michael Hanson
Nick Guay-Ross
Nicola Deary
Ramon Morales
Robert Steward
Seth Tenenbaum
Shahar Zeevi
Sofia Leyva-Castro
Stephen Karasek
Terry Xu
Thea Perez