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October 28th Group Session


13:10:00 From Jonathan Sachs : All my various projects:

13:10:29 From Anna M : I work with neighbors to reduce their essential bills Amazing programs to not miss out on right now *free cell phone service *free electric & gas + up to $150 in egift cards! *free Program to protect you against the largest growing threat to consumers today *and many others! To learn more please book an appt on my scheduling link or propose sometimes. Anna Mandell 617-997-6534

13:11:27 From Kevin Martin : Hi all. Happy to see you all. Please connect with me on LinkedIn if you have not as of yet.

13:12:59 From Nicola Deary : Hi everyone. Thought you might like to know about a free Halloween Event for everyone. Join us this weekend for a virtual Halloween event on 10/31 with the Story Pirates. It’s a free, fun and, most of all, safe way to celebrate Halloween with your kids. RSVP today.

13:21:12 From David : David Wieselmann Founder of Where to Wheel

13:21:18 From Garnette : Garnette Weber

13:21:25 From David :

13:21:39 From Shahar Zeevi : Https://

13:21:42 From Shahar Zeevi :

13:22:09 From Myles McDonough : Myles McDonough, Copywriter and Brand Strategist

13:22:35 From Laura Vantine :

13:23:10 From Kevin Wiant : my linkedin is kwiant and email

13:23:24 From Laura Vantine : _otherpeoplesgroceries

13:24:33 From Jill Hunter :

13:25:03 From Rob McMullan :

13:25:07 From Laura Pinsky : Laura Pinsky, Solarus Consulting

13:26:14 From Laura Vantine : Congrats, Jerry!

13:28:20 From Melinda Watman : Melinda J Watman

13:29:13 From Marc Kitz – Sales Coach : Marc Kitz – Sales Coach Checkout my Sales Coaching blog – Sign up as a subscriber –

13:31:44 From Jerrold Shapiro : Floelle Inc. developed a medical device for women that treats stress urinary incontinence, SUI, without surgery, without drugs and without pelvic floor exercises.

13:32:44 From Nicola Deary : Nicola Deary, offering life insurance and retirement plan analysis, helping people and business owners protect their assets

13:33:30 From Nicola Deary : New York Life also help people with Long Term Care Insurance.

13:36:08 From Anna M : I’d love a seminar about finding a good VA

13:36:24 From Kathleen Bellicchi : Happy to offer Communication delivery skills

13:39:48 From Anna M : ooo! firming up appointments before booking them as well 🙂

13:39:55 From Anna M : That’d be a great seminar

13:41:50 From Anna M : We have the same thing as Melinda through Northeastern University, it’s called the IDEA program

13:42:34 From Anna M : I can do seminars around public speaking, presenting, personability, mindset, health, peak-performance, and organization

13:48:32 From Kevin Wiant : All of our programs are available at , the long running Thursday program can be seen at and Our District Hall and Roxbury programs are also running virtual programming. Mentoring is available in Boston and Providence. Let me know if you have any questions.

13:51:02 From Laura Vantine : Have to dash early. Every Roundtable takes me a little farther down the line, so thank you all!

13:53:35 From Anna M : I’m really liking this roundtable so far! 🙂

14:06:22 From Melinda Watman : I have to leave for another meeting. Thanks to all and congrats to Jerry. Have a good week.

14:13:23 From Myles McDonough : Off-topic so I’m dropping this here: does anyone have any experience with/connections to BookBub (ebook startup) here in Cambridge, MA? I was very intrigued by one of their job postings recently, and would love to learn more about the company from an insider

14:19:34 From David :


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