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Past Meeting Summaries

January 27th Group Session

CHAT SUMMARY 13:05:38 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone : Here is my All About Jon web page: 13:07:24 From Limor Morgenstern | LMD Agency

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zoom meeting

January 20th Group Session

By the way, this was the infamous Zoom Bomb session, wherein we were treated to a live demonstration by some exuberant youths. CHAT SUMMARY 13:03:46

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January 6th Group Session

ATTENDEES: Audrey ( LermanChuck GoldstoneConnie PerneyDavid Wieselmann Where To Wheel (David)Devvan – GyvLinkDr.Tara SaltzmanEllen E. Thompson Art & DesignGil PerlbergJeff EnglanderJerrold ShapiroJill Hunter ~ UpLevel

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zoom. meeting

December 30th Group Session

CHAT SUMMARY: 13:10:28 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone : Here is everything you need to know about me: 13:11:08 From Seth Tenenbaum to Everyone

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December 23rd Group Session

CHAT SUMMARY: 13:03:22 From Jonathan Sachs : All my insanity, in one handy location: 13:05:25 From Lisa Hoffman : Lisa Hoffman 13:05:52 From

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