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September 23rd Group Session


  1. General introductions and welcome
  2. Updates. Follow up.
  3. New connections and collaborations. Success stories.
  4. Featured topic and brief discussion.
  5. General discussion from attendees.
  6. Helping Each Other
  7. Future Topic Suggestions


13:09:20 From Jonathan Sachs : Here is my political project:

13:34:01 From Jonathan Sachs : A sculpture from Ukraine arrived and is now in my driveway! For our Burlington sculpture park.

3:34:17 From Jonathan Sachs :

13:44:48 From Jonathan Sachs : The prompter that I bought was $199:

13:45:03 From Robert Steward :

13:45:30 From Jonathan Sachs : This one is $99 and has good reviews:

13:58:48 From Shahar Zeevi : Need to jump off, hope to also see you for lunch

14:31:47 From David Wieselmann : My name is David Wieselmann. I am founder of Where to Wheel. whereto We provide specific Accessibility Information for people with disabilities. Like myself. Helping them to find restaurants gyms cafes concert venues adaptive programs etc. I am looking for funding and possible grants and finding team members.



Allison Alder
Armand Adande
Audrey Steinberg
Carl Persson
Chuck Goldstone
David Shiang
David Wieselmann (David)
Jerrold Shapiro
Jill Hunter
Jonathan Sachs
Kathleen Bellicchi
Laura Pinsky
Lisa Hoffman
Medhat Ahmed
Nick Guay-Ross
Owen Sakawa
Robert Steward
Shahar Zeevi
Stephen Karasek