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August 5th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


13:19:13 From Shahar Zeevi: https://lunchclub.ai/?invite_code=shaharz

13:21:10 From Jon Sachs: My new website for our Burlington Sculpture Park: http://burlingtonsculpturepark.org/ (we now have 4 of 6b works in place…)

13:26:05 From Jon Sachs: Speaking of Zooming from home, watch Alanis Morissette on Jimmy Fallon with daughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jenJ4_TlZcU

13:30:11 From Maura K. Moran : If you or your colleagues are interested in learning more about the Woman Owned Small Business and HUBZone certification programs, and about the SBA’s Massachusetts District Office, you may want to attend an on-line session with representatives from the SBA Massachusetts District Office and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers on Thursday, August 6th at 4pm. The MA SBA office has further information at https://www.sba.gov/offices/district/ma/boston.

13:37:06 From David Shiang : My 8/14 presentation on Kevin Martin’s show – Transcending Mindfulness: Break On Through to the Stillness with Jim Morrison, Albert Einstein, and the Shockingly Simple Solution to the Quantum Enigma, registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrd-qppj8tHNIilftyem22mY89hqWZilgE

13:40:04 From Chris Requena : It’s great to see everyone! Please join BNT’s FinTech & Blockchain Startup Showcase #BNT115 on August 19th: http://bit.ly/BNT115 Watch past events and see 100+ upcoming events at: https://bostonnewtechnology.com

13:47:12 From David Shiang : Gail Matthews, author of Did I Die, about her and her late husband’s journey through Alzheimer’s disease. Her former company was the precursor to David Wetherell’s CMGi. She is connected into the Alzheimer’s community.

13:48:43 From Tom Maloney : Revolve Nation meetup is August 19 @6;00 it will be held on zoom the information is on meetup

14:14:59 From Shahar Zeevi : https://lempod.com/en/home

14:25:43 From Jon Sachs: Want to see an astounding video about a song you all know: http://www.openculture.com/2020/07/why-the-girl-from-ipanema-is-a-richer-weirder-song-than-you-ever-realized.htl


Chuck Goldstone
Jerrold Shapiro
Shahar Zeevi
David Shiang
Jon Sachs
Michael Hanson
Chris Requena
Kevin Martin
Carl Persson
Owen Sakawa
Jill Hunter
Carolyn Carpenter
Seth Tenenbaum
Lisa Schermerhorn
Audrey Steinberg
Tom Maloney
Maura K. Moran
Chris Requena
Owen Sakawa


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