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July 22nd Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


1. Intros and News

2. Terry Xu gave us a solid overview of https://www.mindfulsuite.com/

3. Amy Ledin talked about their data science work and the issues of educating clients to the realities of data science and the need for quality data

4. We will try to post featured topics and participants for future meetings – with links – so people can learn about them ahead of time.


13:18:50 From Devvan Stokes: my other wednesday meetup, for those who missed it earlier: https://www.1millioncups.com/

13:20:20 From Erik Modahl : Erik Modahl of beantrust

13:20:30 From Erik Modahl : cultivating community with coffee

13:20:45 From Erik Modahl : distribution into the workplace

13:20:54 From Devvan Stokes : Erik, sounds like you and 1MC are doing the same thing

13:21:27 From Erik Modahl : and recently online, and soon to have a coffeebar

13:21:55 From Jonathan Sachs : All are invited and encouraged to join https://chucksroundtable.com/, fill out your profile info, and take part in the groups.

13:23:01 From Erik Modahl : Erik Modahl on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

13:25:10 From Erik Modahl : Beantrust on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and beantrust.community on Instagram

13:27:20 From Medhat Ahmed : ALTS capital dv@altscapital.com https://www.altscapital.com

13:27:41 From Jerrold Shapiro : Jerry Shapiro. FemMedical@Gmail.com

13:27:48 From Jonathan Sachs : here is sculpture park website: https://art4burlington.org/

13:27:51 From Jerrold Shapiro : https://Floelle.com

13:28:46 From Medhat Ahmed : Hello Derek, Thanks for the great help and support. The demo day was amazing and useful! ALTS capital changes my startup and life for the better.

13:28:52 From Jonathan Sachs : Here is my video of Nancy’s COVID sculpture: http://schon.com/covid/

13:30:03 From Medhat Ahmed : medhat@ontacad.com https://www.ontacad.com/

13:42:33 From Lisa Schermerhorn : I have a client shortly, so sorry I have to leave early. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. I will try and reach out to all of you to find out more about you and what you do. I’m excited to be part of this group.

13:44:02 From Terry Xu : mindfulsuite.com

13:49:13 From Kevin Martin : David Shiang (one of our members) will be presenting at my meetup on Wed, aug 5 at 7:00 on Zoom. – Transcending Mindfulness: Break On Through to the Stillness. This is FREE – https://www.meetup.com/nlp-100/events/272084434

13:56:16 From Emily Zaccardi Great to see everyone, I need to head out early today. Have a great day!

13:58:01 From Audrey Steinberg : Terry, I would be willing to try your app and then provide feedback.

13:58:55 From David Sheridan : I have to head out. Thank you and see you next week.

13:59:29 From Terry Xu : Thank you so much for the feedback. Lemme know your email when you sign up and I’ll give you a year of Pro access

14:00:25 From Medhat Ahmed : my email is medhat@ontacad.com

4:00:46 From Jonathan Sachs to Terry Xu (Privately) : jon@jonsachs.com

14:00:58 From Devvan Stokes : Have to run.. Goodbye, All

14:01:36 From Boris Libman : good meeting you all. I have to drop off due to a conflict. If I can be of any assistance, pls reach out to me at bylibman@gmail.com

14:01:52 From stephenopie : Have to run. Have fun and be safe out there!

14:02:19 From Lisa Hoffman : I also need to jump off for another meeting. Glad to back on this call. till next week.

14:11:47 From Jonathan Sachs to Terry Xu : Years ago I went to a time management seminar and he started out by saying “Everyone can manage their time, it is really all about self-esteem.” Then he went ahead and gave us ideas. But it is interesting to think about his point of view: if you value yourself you won’t allow others to abuse your time… Not sure how this helps inform what you are doing, but thought it might be useful to keep in mind.

14:21:53 From Michael Hanson : Nice to meet everyone here. I need to drop off now. Thank you.

14:22:49 From Erik Modahl : nice to be with everyone

Chuck Goldstone
Medhat Ahmed
Jerrold Shapiro
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Lisa Schermerhorn (Lisa)
Carl Persson
Chad Rosen
Lisa Hoffman (PF Webinars)
Jill Hunter
David Sheridan
Amy Ledin
Terry Xu (txu)
Michael Hanson
Audrey Steinberg
Emily Zaccardi
Erik Modahl
Jonathan Sachs
Support Desk
Devvan Stokes (1 Million Cups Albany)
Boris Libman
Chad Rosen
Jayne Heggen
Kevin Martin
Owen Sakawa


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