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July 29th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


We took a look at how to manage your Zoom presence in terms of lighting, sound, camera, background, and more. Jon Sachs showed how different kinds of lighting worked; we commented on various attendees appearance and some people made adjustments on the spot.

Jon’s outline is here in PDF form.

Also David Shiang recommended taking a look at resources by Robbie Samuels, a 5pm Friday free training and here is a YouTube video by Robbie.



Suggestion: WASH YOUR MASK. You can get clown mouth from a dirty mask!

The question was asked: can you do REAL market research using social media and the answer was a strong NO.

The question was asked whether Linked-In penalizes posts with external links to one’s own blog page, which Facebook does for sure. The group was not sure: more research needed!


Note that there are GREAT resources in the chat room below. While we didn’t make them links, you can easily copy and paste these URLs into your web browser.

13:04:47 From Shahar Zeevi : https://lunchclub.ai/?invite_code=shaharz

13:30:19 From Roger Frechette : I’m looking for panelists for ENET

13:32:21 From Jill Hunter : Remind me… what is ENET?

13:38:17 From Maura K. Moran : Tobie, you may want to look into the work of Andre Obeler https://www.oboler.com/. I saw a presentation by him a few years ago when he was developing developing a system to identify hate speech on platforms such as Facebook. It uses an interesting ranking system that takes into account factors such as the frequency that a reporter reports instances of hate speech, the topic of hate, and the accuracy of the report in that particular area. He may be able to point you to ways in which bias may be measured and technologies to provide the measures. I know Andre through our work on IEEE’s Global Public Policy Committee, so feel free to mention my name.

13:50:26 From Jill Hunter : My window is facing North and I have all the lights on in the room I am in to help light my face.

13:53:55 From Maura K. Moran : FORGE https://forgemass.org/about/#built (formerly Greentown Learn) is the nonprofit sister organization of Greentown Labs, created as a manufacturing initiative to help startups to source their supply chains from initial prototyping and design through to full scale production. Adam Rodrigues, whom I met this week, is Director of Regional Initiatives for FORGE, leading western Massachusetts operations out of the Springfield Tech Park.

13:58:37 From Karen Feinberg : Maura, that is great!!! I am tied to some manufacturing hubs in the UK and other global arenas.. will pass it along to those folks as well.. There is also a VERY cool initiative that is called Women in 3D printing…. started by Nora toure… check it out.. they are growing world wide networks ( men are welcome of course) but its aim is to grow women working in/engaged with Additive manufacturing/3D printing. There are virtual meetups for North Am, Europe, Oceania, Africa… using the REMO platform… attended the latest in Africa as I am expanding my networks and ecosystems in Africa….

13:59:16 From David Shiang : Robbie Samuels has a 5 PM Friday free Zoom “training” at nomorebadzoom.com

13:59:20 From Roger Frechette : Boston Entrepreneur’s Network (IEEE sig) boston-enet.org Topics: 1. “What is my market and how do I address it”; 2. ‘Developing a business model for your Startup” _ looking for accomplished entrepreneurs for both – especially interested in women entreprenuers

14:13:38 From Shahar Zeevi : Let’s connect, shahar.zeevi@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/kshahar

14:14:48 From Shahar Zeevi : And if you like to try the lunch club https://lunchclub.ai/?invite_code=shaharz1

4:26:35 From Jonathan Sachs : https://www.poison-ivy.org/. (It’s a long story!)

14:31:03 From Jonathan Sachs : Here is a drone video I made: https://marycummingspark.org/blog-post/the-new-boardwalk/


Chuck Goldstone
Jonathan Sachs
Medhat Ahmed
Devvan Stokes
Jerrold Shapiro
Shahar Zeevi
Amy Ledin
David Shiang
Stephen Opie
Lisa Hoffman
Roger Frechette
Michael Hanson
J T Reiley
Audrey Steinberg
Maura K. Moran
Jill Hunter
J T Reiley
Owen Sakawa
Mban Jatamunua
David Sheridan
Mban Jatamunua
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Mban Jatamunua
Karen Feinberg


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