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July 8, 2020 Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable

A rich session with specific discussion including (not in this order…)

  • Boris on COVID testing project
  • Dennis on banking project
  • Kevin on his Facebook live
  • Chris on BNT project
  • Josh on new fungus biochem project

13:13:35 From Jonathan Sachs : All are invited to join the website for this group and fill in your bio info: https://chucksroundtable.com/

13:41:48 From Jonathan Sachs : This looks very cool: https://meetaway.com/

13:45:02 From Devvan Stokes : Lunchclub.ai is very similar to meetaway. Deborah can give you an invite, as can I

13:46:59 From Terry : Devvan, can I have an invite plz?

13:47:20 From Roger Frechette : rating of online networking platforms: https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/virtual-events-platforms

13:48:03 From Roger Frechette : individual links to other platforms follow:
13:48:05 From Roger Frechette : https://remo.co/
13:48:19 From Roger Frechette : https://hopin.to/
13:48:35 From Roger Frechette : https://odash.co/

13:49:35 From David Shiang : Chris and everyone else, I heard about a platform called Veventaas. One of the people behind it is the founder of The Delphi Group.

13:54:31 From Kevin : my facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1608438272

13:55:29 From David Shiang : Independent Publishers of New England, ipne.org

13:56:07 From Chris Requena : thanks for all the virtual event service recommendations!

14:00:23 From Emily Zaccardi : RE live streaming – I did some live-streamed video podcast episodes April + May and learned a lot… if anyone is thinking of starting and wants to chat let me know!

14:00:30 From Amy Ledin : Hey all, I have to pop off, but thanks for a great discussion!

14:01:21 From Audrey Steinberg : I have an appointment and need to leave. Thank you.

14:04:13 From David Sheridan : I have to drop off. Thanks all…

14:04:23 From David Shiang : Great to be here. Need to go. See you next time.

14:04:29 From stephenopie : Sorry have to run. Thanks everyone!

14:06:09 From Joshua Heyen : Hi guys, thanks for the ideas and leads. Looking for in roads into the medical marijuana/psilocybin world.

14:06:31 From Boris Perlovsky : Hey Joshua — Cool mushroom ‘tech’ you’re working on. Check out https://maps.org/ for resources.

14:10:59 From Joshua Heyen : Will check it out. Thanks!

14:23:51 From Boris Perlovsky : Here’s the HBR article I mentioned:
14:23:52 From Boris Perlovsky : https://hbr.org/2020/07/a-better-way-to-scale-covid-19-testing

14:24:21 From Roger Frechette : interesting discussion(s) – have to step away for my next call. cheers, rf

14:28:00 From Jonathan Sachs : https://www.facebook.com/meredithaxelrod

14:28:38 From Kevin : Designrr.io creates ebooks from your blogs

14:31:10 From Terry : https://www.mmhmm.app/

14:33:23 From Boris Perlovsky : Have to hop off. Great session. Thx!

(in order of when they joined)

Chuck Goldstone
Joshua Heyen
Owen Sakawa
David Sheridan
Carl Persson
Jerrold Shapiro
Mban Jatamunua
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Roger Frechette
Devvan Stokes
Amy Ledin
Jill Hunter
Chris Requena
Terry (txu)
David Shiang
Jonathan Sachs
Alessandra Desiderio
Silvia Macharia
sahwi_000’s iPhone
Boris Perlovsky
Emily Zaccardi
JacobZ (356108)
Audrey Steinberg


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