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November 11th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable



13:14:57 From Myles McDonough : Myles McDonough: Copywriter and Content Creator myles@mylesmcdonough.com

13:14:59 From Anna M : Hi Everyone! Feel free to book a 1-1 with me! annamandell.youcanbook.me

13:15:36 From Jerrold Shapiro : Jerry Shapiro, President, Floelle Inc, FEMmedical@gmail.com https://Floelle.com

13:16:14 From Nicola Deary : Nikki Deary, helping business owners with their succession planning. ndeary@ft.newyorklife.com. Would like to have 1-1’s and learn more about your business and ventures.

13:16:25 From Laura Pinsky : I”m a marketing strategy/market research consulting. I’m happy to connect with any other Roundtablers who would like to chat. lpinsky@solarusconsulting.com.

13:17:09 From Anna M : I found it! https://www.healthproductsforyou.com/p-upwalker-lite-walking-aid-upright-walker.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping%20feed&utm_content=free%20google%20shopping%20clicks&gclid=CjwKCAiAtK79BRAIEiwA4OskBsazGZTHlu0HRnR5_H9FyxDnTO7MQfgOYKymxEon5QVVPsIlb2Ap8BoC6TYQAvD_BwE

13:18:19 From Jonathan Sachs : In truth, everyone loves to see a dog or cat on Zoom.

13:19:33 From Jonathan Sachs : Everything about me is available here: http://www.jonsachscollected.com/

13:29:38 From Kevin Wiant : LInkedin info is kwiant

13:41:31 From Garnette Weber : David, have you had any interaction with the spinal cord association?

13:41:41 From Tom Daily : I am a startup working on a New flying craft with no exterior moving parts. www.hopper-express.com

13:47:16 From David : Hi everyone Its called Where To Wheel.US wheretowheel.us

13:52:18 From Stephen Karasek : https://www.parallelpipes.com/hyperspectral-security-camera In case anyone is interested in checking out our latest case study. Even better, if anyone has any feedback, please let me know- am planning on publishing on LinkedIn after we clean it up some more. Email: karasek.s@parallelpipes.com

13:52:51 From Myles McDonough : Don’t want to derail the conversation so I’ll put this here: my conversations with Anna and Laura over the last couple weeks have been incredibly helpful. Anna helped me think deeply about purpose and overall career goals; Laura helped me re-think my own positioning within the market, and gave my LinkedIn profile a punch-up that has it looking 10x better than before. Thanks again to both of you : )

14:06:47 From Garnette Weber : how unique is the product Bob? Could you work with a subscription dog food company to distribute / market? https://urbantastebud.com/best-dog-food-subscription-boxes/

14:13:19 From Devvan – gyvlink.com : Tom Daily – what’s the “why” of it? Is it just more robust with no exposed rotors?

14:18:35 From Devvan – gyvlink.com : If anyone is part of a holiday giving program in your workplace or local community, let me know. I’d like to talk about that. devvan@gyvlink.com

14:20:02 From Jerrold Shapiro : Tom, email Kyle Palko <kyle.palko@afwerx.af.mil> at MIT about the Air Force’s innovation program.

14:27:50 From Tom Daily : No exposed rotor blades makes the Hopper quiet, safe fast and efficient. Flying craft with their rotor blades exposed to the atmosphere are limited to the speed they can travel. Noise will be the most important aspect of public acceptance.

14:30:29 From David : https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-wieselmann-82a287121/

14:32:22 From Lisa Schermerhorn : the Octopus Teacher


Anna Mandell
Audrey Steinberg
Chuck Goldstone
Cristina Costa
Devvan – gyvlink.com (1 Million Cups Albany)
Garnette Weber
Jerrold Shapiro
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Kevin Wiant
Laura Pinsky
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Schermerhorn
Melinda Watman
Myles McDonough
Nicola Deary
Randy S. Fisher 
Robin Schaffer
Shahar Zeevi
Stephen Karasek
Tom Daily
Will Pong


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