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September 30th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


13:11:02 From Jonathan Sachs : My purple project to provide videos to try to sway undecided voters in swing states: http://www.jonthepurple.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/jonthepurple

13:11:53 From Jonathan Sachs : With great help from Howie Hecht we finally got approved to place political ads in Facebook. Videos have been seen by 12,000!

13:16:22 From Lisa Ann Santin : Hi from the Zen Center North Shore of MA.- My own business is LASS Wardrobe www.lasswardrobe.com and my podcast The Wardrobe Muse up on all listening platforms. Thanks so much.

13:17:01 From Lisa Ann Santin : Happy to see 3 Lisa’s here!!!!

13:21:56 From Cristina Costa : Hello everyone! My name is Cristina Costa and I work as Head of L&D at Outco a training service for job seeking engineers, I also am a public speaker on topics such as diversity and inclusion, career development, women empowerment and more! Add me on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristina-nicole-costa-/

13:59:14 From Lisa Ann Santin : I love Adam he could have such a niche market Howie needs to help him

14:01:05 From Adam Swanson : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWh_OLBvjBs

14:01:16 From Adam Swanson : http://www.adamgswanson.com/

14:01:20 From Adam Swanson : adamswansonpianist@gmail.com

14:01:24 From Lisa Schermerhorn : You just made me smile!

14:05:58 From Lisa : Goodbye Everyone, Goodbye Lisas14:11:07 From Cristina Costa : I have to head out, thank you for inviting me and I will be back soon to continue connecting :

14:12:28 From Howie Hecht : Steps to get the FB Pixel on your website:

  1.  Create the Business Manager (https://business.facebook.com)
  2.  Create an Ad Account inside of Business Manager
  3. Create a Facebook Pixel (under Data Sources)
  4. Put your Pixel onto your website
  5. Create a Facebook Page (and Instagram Account, if you want) and/or pull an existing page and/or account into your Business Manager.


Adam Swanson
Audrey Steinberg
Chuck Goldstone
Cristina Costa
Devvan Stokes
Howie Hecht
Jerrold Shapiro
Jonathan Sachs
Lisa (Laura Pinsky)
Lisa Ann Santin
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Schermerhorn
Michael Hanson
Roger Frechette


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