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September 9th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


  1. General introductions and welcome
  2. Updates. Follow up.
  3. New connections and collaborations. Success stories.
  4. Featured topic and brief discussion.
  5. General discussion from attendees.
  6. Helping Each Other
  7. Future Topic Suggestions


13:07:12 From Stephen Opie : https://sweetmobility.com/

13:07:42 From Jon Sachs : I just launched my political website, aimed at bringing around some swing state voters: http://www.jonthepurple.com/

13:09:00 From Jon Sachs : Here is Facebook version of my Purple project: https://www.facebook.com/jonthepurple

13:09:40 From Jon Sachs : If you like my Purple project PLEASE share with anyone you think would be interested. Only 8 weeks to Election Day.

13:15:39 From Jill Hunter : If you are looking for a group of like minded leaders who lead with empathy not numbers join my free Facebook group. www.facebook.com/groups/LeadwithEmpathy/

13:17:43 From Laura Vantine : Gapyearq.com is my current project to connect young people from around the world to share ideas, provide mentorship and facilitate their projects.

13:20:14 From Jon Sachs : Regarding my Purple project, if anyone can help me figure out to how reach people through Facebook who are undecided about the election… let me know.

13:31:47 From Shahar Zeevi : https://lunchclub.com/?invite_code=shaharz

13:34:43 From Medhat Ahmed : Hi everyone, Ontacad is the first SaaS-based company to help software and instrument providers save time and money by converting user guides for scientific software and instruments to videos using machine learning algorithms. medhat@ontacad.com www.ontacad.com

13:43:12 From Christopher Pawlus : Hello Everyone – My name is Christopher Pawlus / PawlusDesign . I specialize in Footwear and Apparel Product Design Leadership / Ecological Design / Trend Analysis / Creative Direction – Contact info: linkedin.com/in/cpawlus – Web pawlusdesign.com

13:48:43 From Jerrold Shapiro : Job search can be called “Building Your Personal Brand” and for that, please see https://she.witi.com/she-leads/why-a-personal-brand-matters-and-how-to-build-yours-virtually/

13:49:15 From Jon Sachs : Here is my new website that attempts to clarify what the heck Jon is up to: http://www.jonsachscollected.com/

13:51:49 From Medhat Ahmed : https://www.linkedin.com/in/medhat-ahmed-42154b148/

14:01:27 From Jerrold Shapiro : Anyone who wants my help please email me: FemMedical@gmail.com

14:02:15 From Stephen Opie : LinkedIn etiquette question! If someone visits your site but does not offer to connect, yet you really want them to connect, what is the best policy? Send a connect back to them? Send a message of intro? Thank them for visiting your page? Just wondering….

14:03:34 From Jill Hunter : Stephen- Are you talking about someone who lands on your personal profile or your business page?

14:03:59 From Stephen Opie : Business on LInkedIn

14:05:04 From David Shiang : Stephen, I would thank them for visiting and ask to connect. You migh also figure out how to provide value to them so they want to connect.

14:07:22 From Emily Zaccardi : Stephen, assuming you have already tried sending the connection request, I think it is ok to then send a direct mail message because sometimes people get very distracted. Ex: they may have visited your page because of real interest, yet will not remember to go back to close the connection loop if a distraction occurs. (Although, I do not think you need to make mention that you tracked their activity. Maybe something like, x,y,z reminded me of my interest in having a convo with you so I thought I’d send you this follow-up)

14:09:51 From Stephen Opie : Thanks David – Thanks Emily for sharing those wise words of wisdom!

14:20:13 From David Shiang : The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation Hardcover – November 10, 2011 by Matthew Dixon (Author), Brent Adamson (Author)


Audrey Steinberg
Carl Persson
Christopher Pawlus
Chuck Goldstone
David Fortunato
David Sheridan
David Shiang
Emily Zaccardi
Jerrold Shapiro
Jill Hunter
Jon Sachs
Laura Vantine
Lisa Schermerhorn
Medhat Ahmed
Robert Steward
Roger Frechette
Seth Tenenbaum
Shahar Zeevi
Stephen Opie
Steve Vilkas
Terry Xu
Tim Ferencik
Zackary DiCelico


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