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zoom meeting 10-14-20

October 14th Group Session


13:06:17 From Mike @ Transit X :

13:09:33 From Mban Jatamunua :

13:20:24 From Kevin Martin : Hi all. My LinkedIn is Please connect if we are not already connected

13:20:33 From Tom Daily : Crowdfunding may be a way to get 25,000 but it cost to run a winning crowd find raise

13:25:01 From Jerrold Shapiro : If anyone wants to sharpen their (people) networking skills, come to a FREE course TONIGHT at 5 PM – you don’t have to be medical to learn:

13:28:14 From Tom Daily : Tom Daily New flying craft with no exterior moving parts.

13:31:39 From Lisa :

13:40:03 From Jonathan Sachs : Google Analytics webinar extreme:

13:43:04 From Tom Daily : Tom Daily

13:47:09 From Lisa Schermerhorn : Brilliant idea Chuck.

13:53:58 From Nicola Deary : Here is my LI information. Would love to connect with you all.

13:55:10 From David :

14:05:24 From Nicola Deary : 10 minutes chair yoga

14:06:05 From Nicola Deary : actually scheduling in your daily schedule some “fun” time

14:07:56 From Nicola Deary : joke sharing

14:09:58 From David : Rewalk training at Spaulding

14:13:12 From Nicola Deary : I’m happy to help and get involved

14:14:18 From David : Improved the more i used it.

14:23:19 From Mike @ Transit X :

14:24:49 From Mike @ Transit X :
14:33:06 From Kevin Martin : Gotta drop. GREAT Meeting!


Audrey Steinberg
Carl Persson
Chuck Goldstone
J T Reiley
Jerrold Shapiro
Jill Hunter
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Schermerhorn (Lisa)
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Mban Jatamunua
Mban Jatamunua
Meryl Price
Michaël F. Horwitz-Heilbronner
Mike @ Transit X
Nick Guay-Ross
Nicola Deary
Shahar Zeevi
Tom Daily