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Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity.™


Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity.

Expanding our line-of-sight through others.

A safe place to talk, explore, and support.

Learning from peers and experts.

Offering our insights and solutions to others.

  • Weekly live and lively Roundtable Wednesdays
  • Special Industry-and-Interest Groups
  • Web Portal with Online Profiles
  • Group Discussion and Forums
  • One-on-One Communication
  • Resources, Articles, and Tools.

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Chuck Goldstone

A Message from Chuck

Hi All.

During the past months, this little roundtable has surpassed anything we might have imagined. We have had weekly meetings since April 2020, with 15-30 participants per session and nearly 500 people attending one or more. The community started with invitations to people whose paths I had personally crossed and who had impressed me through the years (founders, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, mentors, investors, career explorers). We have added others by invitation and nomination of current members who can vouch for them. It is a close group, built on aligned interests and trust.

Roundtable Wednesdays
Wednesday at 1:00 ET (GMT-4) Daylight Saving or (GMT-5) Standard Time. The results of our roundtables have been extraordinary—shared ideas, exploration of key topics, dozens and dozens of serious collaborations, and even more connections, referrals, and one-to-one follow ups. We cerebrate our victories and share our challenges in an open, supportive environment, offer solutions to others, and get insights and suggestions from those who’ve been there before. Sub-groups with specific interests focus on very unique topics. Lighten the load with the support of thought-leaders and peers from across the globe.

Web Portal
We have developed this web portal that includes profiles of members, forums, meeting summaries, and other useful resources. Communicate one-to-one, one-to-some, or one-to-all. 

As a participant, please register with the site and post your profile, picture, and info about yourself (including what you might need from other and what skills, experience, or support you can contribute to our community). The more info you put in, the more likely you will match with others who can help you or you can help.

Let us know topics you might to discuss or email me if you would like to share questions or challenges. If you have questions, contact us  chuck@chuckgoldstone.com or Paul Zagaeski at paulzagaeski@icloud.com

Welcome to the group and let’s see what we can achieve together. 

Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity,


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Chuck Goldstone