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Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable

The answer to some of the most trying entrepreneurial problems may be right sitting alongside of us: Experts who help us find answers to some of the pointy-challenges that face us and our work. Coaches and supporters who can prepare and motivate us, can save us time and money, and can release the oft-debilitating choke-hold of angst. Lifeguards who can pull us out of the torrents of startup perils.

Some may be entrepreneurs just like you, who can help you sidestep problems and pitfalls by showing you were they are lurking. If you stumble into a crevasse, they can help because they might have fallen in the same ravine earlier, but discovered the way out and are willing to show you how to do the same.

In our Roundtables, we have been visited by respected global authorities who have accepted our invitation to speak. Yet we do not have to search that far for help and insight. So much of this expert talent resides right here within our Roundtable community. Many have already shared ideas, insights, and practices.

Our Peer Expert mini-sessions have been immensely successful, covering topics that included better Zoom meetings, IP and Trade secrets and how to protect your most valuable asset,  how to determine what you clients/customers/stakeholders need by asking the right questions, to same only a few.

The sessions are brief— not make you’re an expert, but to give you a high-level overview to new ideas, visions, cautions, and useful tips. To show you that some things that scare you are easily addressed. To scare you about the things you might not have considered but could be hidden vipers. The presentations are followed by a group discussion, and (in the future) a brief summary for our newsletter and website. These mini-sessions offer knowledge that entrepreneurs ought to know, and from some, they may trigger a deeper-dive into topics immediately relevant or interesting.

Because they their success, we are expanding the PEER EXPERT AND GLOBAL THOUGHT-LEADER feature to be part of nearly every meeting, with a new topic every week. Mark these on your calendar and tell your friends and colleagues so they can attend sessions that pique their own interest or curiosity. Register at www.chucksroundtable.com to assure a front row seat.

If you have ideas for other topics, please suggest them. If we do not have a Peer Expert in our midst, we can find one through our wide global entrepreneurial network. If you have a unique expertise and would like to offer a session yourself, get in touch (chuck@chuckgoldstone.com.)

Here is the upcoming schedule:


Kevin Martin and Lisa Schermerhorn

Braving the Fears of an Entrepreneur



Pedro Guimaraes

Cross Generation Entrepreneurship and the Impact of Change


Chuck Goldstone

Telling Your Awe-Igniting Intro Story in Ten or So Words


Jon Sachs


Producing Your Own Video



Derek Van Vliet

What Investors Do (And Don’t) Want to Hear


Xavier Lederer

Where Do You Want to be in Ten Years? And How to Get There.


Chuck Goldstone

How to Be a Good Mentor or Good Mentee


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