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January 20th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable

By the way, this was the infamous Zoom Bomb session, wherein we were treated to a live demonstration by some exuberant youths.


13:03:46 From Lisa Schermerhorn to Everyone : https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaschermerhorncoach/

13:03:54 From Lisa Schermerhorn to Everyone : Please connect with me.

13:07:19 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone : All the Jon Sachs stuff in one place: https://www.jonsachscollected.com/

13:08:08 From Kevin Martin to Everyone : If you have not already connected with me, please do – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-a-martin-b2b23b1/

13:09:47 From Lori Everett to Everyone : Lori Everett, HR Consulting, www.LinkedIn.com/in/lorihr hrwellness.lori@gmail.com

13:10:49 From Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design to Everyone : Chucks Roundtable Pitch

Hi all! I’m Ellen E. Thompson and I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and brand strategist. I bring fun and ease to your brand’s visual strategy! You can find me at ellenethompson.com and my art can be found at ellenethompson.com/store. Happy to connect on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenethompson.13:

1:08 From Kristen Haley to Everyone : Please connect: https://linkedin.com/in/kris10

13:11:11 From Ian Hanou to Everyone : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-hanou-8927141/

13:13:37 From Angela Pitter | LiveWire Collaborative, Digital Mktg. to Everyone : Angela Pitter Founder and CEO, LiveWire Collaborative | Digital Marketing Strategist & Advisor 617-612-5576 | angela@livewirecollaborative.com www.livewirecollaborative.com Connect with me on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelapitter/

13:15:10 From Pedro Guimaraes to Everyone : https://www.linkedin.com/in/pedro-guimar%C3%A3es-632326/ and www.doznstitches.com and pedro@doznstitches.com

13:16:47 From J Maclaren to Everyone : Jeff Maclaren: https//https://www.linkedin.com/in/maclarenjeff/

13:17:06 From Marc Kitz – Sales Coach to Everyone : Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 860-836-8979 marc@marckitz.com Checkout my Sales Coaching blog – https://marckitz.com/ Sign up as a subscriber – https://marckitz.com/hi-and-welcome-to-marckitz-com/

13:18:00 From Jason Kraus to Everyone : My LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/jkraus23 and our Startup Community http://community.prepare4vc.com

13:19:48 From Ian Hanou to Everyone : I did a practice pitch to 1 Million Cups (the Boulder, CO group) in December and had useful feedback afterwards

13:20:05 From Lori Everett to Everyone : Pitch coaching would be fantastic!

13:26:25 From Jerrold Shapiro to Everyone : Who has experience writing quarterly reports to investors in your company? Pls email me: shapiro@FLOELLE.com

13:33:54 From Kevin Martin to Everyone : Upcoming at venture café – https://venturecafecambridge.org/event/workshop-series-2-of-5-build-rapport-with-anyone-easily-within-seconds/

13:42:33 From Angela Pitter | LiveWire Collaborative, Digital Mktg. to Everyone : That’s how they probably found it

13:44:35 From Ian Hanou to Everyone : I have to get running. If you know of investors interested in our size/stage (SaaS just over $1M ARR) in the environmental/climate/GIS tech space, pls have them reach out. We’re starting pitches very soon. ianhanou@planitgeo.com

13:47:29 From Kristen Haley to Everyone : If anybody has time tomorrow, a local group I belong to, NIM (Newport Interactive Marketers) is hosting a roundtable @ noon: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6754457079206985728/

13:58:18 From Angela Pitter | LiveWire Collaborative, Digital Mktg. to Everyone : https://www.kumospace.com/veryone : Exccelent conversation, a pleasure to meet you all, going to connect via linked. Thanks Chuck for the invite!!

14:10:50 From Pedro Guimaraes to Everyone : https://canopy.community/

14:11:02 From Howie Hecht to Everyone : Here’s the URL to the MIT Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures course, given during IAP — Independent Activities Period — http://nutsandbolts.mit.edu/


Andy Rankins
Angela Pitter | LiveWire Collaborative# Digital Mktg.
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Chuck Goldstone
David Shiang
Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design
Heather Ross
Howie Hecht
Ian Hanou
J Maclaren
Jackson Davison
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Jerrold Shapiro
Joe Prouse
John Gale
John Harbor
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Kristen Haley
Lisa Schermerhorn
Lori Everett
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Meagan Gorham
Myles McDonough (Myles McDonough)
Owen Sakawa
Pedro Guimaraes
Peter Longini
Stephen Karasek
Will R. (Will R.)


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