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January 27th Group Session

Founder and Host, Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable


13:05:38 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone : Here is my All About Jon web page: https://www.jonsachscollected.com/

13:07:24 From Limor Morgenstern | LMD Agency to Everyone : Hi everyone! Limor Morgenstern from LMD Agency, feel free to connect. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lmddesigns/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lmddesigns_ny/ Limor Morgenstern from LMD Agency | lmd@lmddesigns.com | (914) 620 5363 | Strategy | Branding | Websites | Social Media |

13:09:05 From Bob Lerman to Everyone : boblerman55@gmail.com 860 916 4801

13:09:16 From Kevin Martin to Everyone : Feel free to connect up with me – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-a-martin-b2b23b1/

13:09:41 From Jeff Englander to Everyone : Jeffrey Englander

13:10:01 From Devvan – GyvLink to Everyone : –> https://gyvlink.com devvan@gyvlink.com

13:10:12 From Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design to Everyone : Hi all! I’m Ellen E. Thompson and I’m a graphic designer, brand strategist and illustrator. I bring fun and ease to your brand’s visual strategy! You can find me at ellenethompson.com and my art can be found at ellenethompson.com/store. Happy to connect on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenethompson.

13:10:51 From Laura Pinsky to Everyone : HI all. Laura Pinsky. I’m a marketing strategy and research consultant. If you haven’t already connected with me, please do! linkedIn.com/in/solarus

13:11:23 From Scott Kveton to Everyone : Hi everyone! Scott Kveton https://linkedin.com/in/kveton … nice to be here!

13:13:03 From Jeff Englander to Everyone : Jeffrey Englander, CEO, Qmyno, cyber security for documents, Qmyno.com, 571.409.1022, jenglander@qmyno.com, LinkedIn.com/in/jeffreyenglander

13:16:37 From Kristen Haley to Everyone : Plz connect if you’re not already: https://linkedin.com/in/kris10

13:17:00 From John Gale to Everyone : John Gale – London Hi For 20 years I have provided Advisory Services to Hitech Startups. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgale/ https://carverlon.com/

13:19:42 From Shaheen Hakimi to Everyone : www.vecnaf.org

13:21:42 From Jerrold Shapiro to Everyone : Shaheen, I mentor medical device hardware startups via MIT, WPI, MassChallengeIsrael and the MIT Enterprise Forum. Happy to help.

13:22:01 From Shaheen Hakimi to Everyone : https://venturecafecambridge.org/add-new-event/

13:22:33 From Shaheen Hakimi to Everyone : Happy to connect, Jerrold! Connect on LinkedIn?

13:22:51 From Shaheen Hakimi to Everyone : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawn-hakimi/

13:34:23 From Shahar Zeevi to Everyone : Https”//www.linkedin.com/in/kshahar product management consultant and a coach working with startups and small organizations

13:34:55 From Shahar Zeevi to Everyone : Oops Https://www.linkedin.com/in/kshahar

13:36:09 From Roger Frechette to Everyone : Inviting entrepreneurs, and friends of entrepreneurs, to check out Boston ENET (Entrepreneurs’ Network) – www.boston-enet.org. 20 meetings every year featuring a presentation/panel of value to entrepreneurs and great networking Also featuring e-minute at each meeting – a 90 second ‘elevator pitch’ in front of our friendly, supportive audience, with feedback from panelists. Anybody with a cool company to pitch is welcomed to sign on.

13:36:54 From Bob Lerman to Everyone : PhytoSmart.com Boblerman55@gmail.com 8609 916 4801 pet food supplement

13:40:25 From Jonathan Sachs to Everyone : Here is link to the Al Kooper podcast for you 60s freaks: http://www.alkooper.com/kooperkast.html Al Kooper also started Blood Sweat and Tears

13:57:03 From Limor Morgenstern | LMD Agency to Everyone : Thank you for inviting me to the group I will be happy to meet and get to know each and everyone.

14:00:24 From Kristen Haley to Everyone : This is great 🙂 I do teach my health industry clients and they teach me their acronyms 🙂


Audrey (audreysteinberg@comcast.net)
Bob Lerman
Chuck Goldstone
David Wieselmann Where to Wheel (David)
Devvan – GyvLink
Ellen E. Thompson Art & Design
Emma Portier
Gil Perlberg
Howie Hecht
Jeff Englander
Jerrold Shapiro
John Gale
Jonathan Sachs
Kevin Martin
Kristen Haley
Laura Pinsky
Limor Morgenstern | LMD Agency
Marc Kitz – Sales Coach
Peter Longini
Roger Frechette
Scott Kveton
Shahar Zeevi
Shaheen Hakimi
Sofia Leyva-Castro
Stephen Karasek


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